TOTAL Check Fertility Toxin Package


Find out what is getting in the way of your fertility. Do in-depth detective work with Dr. Fletcher, testing for a broad range of plastic and personal care product chemicals, organic solvents, multiple classes of pesticides, industrial chemicals, air pollution chemicals, and more (a total of over 75 potential toxins) in your body and discovering where they may be hiding in your living and working environments. 

TOTAL Check Package includes:

1. In-depth discussion with Dr. Fletcher to evaluate your potential current and lifetime exposures to chemical and metal toxins and how they may be affecting your fertility.

2. Multiple test kits with prepaid FedEx envelope to mail blood and urine samples to specialized laboratories. 

3. Scheduled conversations with Dr. Fletcher to ask questions, discuss test results, and explore potential exposure sources.

4. A personalized lifestyle review and evaluation of the unique household and personal care products you use in order to find solutions that will decrease daily exposures to toxins.

5. In-depth education and resources about environmental toxins and their impact on health and fertility. 

6. A written summary of results and recommendations based on your test findings.

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